๐Ÿช™The AGO token

One coin to rule them all

Acquiring the AGO token allows you to participate in the creation of a DeFi platform managed by its users while benefiting from the many advantages the token offers.

Join Ago as an investor, developer or ambassador today and become a player in the financial revolution.


Contract address: 0xec91cc1c33d44fe13b42150d2f1dfbeb668aef2e (BSC)

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You can trade AGO on CoinMarketCap, Ago or PancakeSwap. For Ago and PancakeSwap be sure to connect to the BSC on your wallet, select a token on the Swap, copy the AGO contract address, and then pair it with a token of your choice.

"I participated in the ICO. I have my NFT but didn't receive my tokens!" - To claim your ICO token, link your NFT to Ago here.


We're achieving our goal of decentralization by creating a token. As AGO is a utility token it offers the following:

  • Reduced fees

Regular users may benefit from reduced fees based on the amount of AGO owned. This is offered in the form of AGO cashback, which can be used for all Ago services. A portion of the fees generated is used to purchase AGO from the market and is then redistributed to users (and automatically staked).

This mechanism ensures trading volume relative to the platform's performance while providing fair and tangible incentives.

  • Governance

Ago places users at the center of our development by integrating DAO functionalities. Users stake AGO in exchange for governance rights and can then create a proposal, which will be presented to the rest of the DAO for a vote. Key development decisions must be made by the Ago community.

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  • Referral

Users are incentivized to grow the Ago ecosystem. Through our referral program, you can earn a referral commission on your affiliatesโ€™ investments, as well as a commission on the investments made by the affiliates of your affiliates.

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A deflationary token

The Ago token operates on a deflationary model designed to foster scarcity and value appreciation over time. This strategy is implemented through a series of mechanisms aimed at reducing the token supply and enhancing its value proposition.

One of the primary mechanisms employed is the regular burning of a portion of the protocol's revenues by the Ago Foundation. Through transparent and periodic announcements, the foundation declares the burning of a portion of the fees generated by the protocol. This process effectively removes tokens from circulation, reducing the overall supply and enhancing scarcity.

Furthermore, to incentivize holding and discourage short-term speculation, a decreasing sales tax is applied to token transactions over time. This tax, which is in part allocated to the burning mechanism, imposes a decreasing fee structure on token sales, with higher taxes levied on transactions occurring earlier in the token's lifecycle. By gradually reducing the circulating supply through these mechanisms, the deflationary pressure on the token is strengthened, fostering a sustainable appreciation in value over time.

The main goal of these deflationary measures is to maintain a supply-demand equilibrium that supports a consistent and appreciating valuation of the AGO. By creating a tokenomic framework that aligns incentives with long-term value creation, the Ago ecosystem aims to provide investors and stakeholders with a compelling opportunity for sustainable growth and wealth accumulation.